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Clothing ManufacturerProduction Requirements: Customers must make a 40% deposit before production begins and pay 30% before sewing and the balance before any shipments are made by the los angeles clothing manufacturer. Items will not be sent if production is not paid in full. We accept cash, check and credit cards. All CC, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express have a 4% processing fee. Deposit/payments must be paid before any work can be done.

Submission & Confirmation of Purchase Orders
Purchase orders may be submitted to DM Resource by email. After review of your purchase order, a DM Resource LA / NYC account representative will either confirm the purchase order or notify you of any revisions. Every order must be formally accepted by DM Resource in order to be valid.

All cancellations are subject to DM Resource approval. Cancellations cannot be accepted on orders after production approvals are signed and production begins.

Returns & Credits:
After evaluating a claim, DM Resource may authorize a return by issuing a Return Authorization number. We will not accept any merchandise claims if the garments have been altered by any additional processing. A credit memo may be issued upon receipt of goods and inspection by the DM Resource quality control department, and only up to the value of the invoiced garments. Deductions from payment are not to be taken until the credit memo has been issued.

All merchandise is shipped FOB Los Angeles, California. Orders are shipped by a customer-designated carrier or by UPS ground. partial shipments on production may be made. DM Resource will not be responsible for loss or damage during shipment. All freight claims for damaged, lost, and/or missing merchandise must be filed with the appropriate carrier.

Payment Terms
Customer must pay 100% of each pre-production costs in full.

Other Policies:
Customers who ship items to us, must enclose a shipping receipt or pay for shipping to receive their sample packages back. Samples sent for initial review will be disposed of after 90 days, if the customer does not initiate a return.

Claims: Customers must notify DM Resource of any claims for shortages or quality problems within seven (7) days of receipt of goods. Claims may not be submitted after goods are embellished, printed or garment dyed by the customer. The customer is responsible for any fallout or losses that may result from any dye process.
For custom garments, DM Resource overcuts order quantities by approximately 5%-10% in order to prevent shortages, and ships all first quality goods.
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