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After the design prototype is approved and the tech packs are precisely spec'd, DM Resource clothing manufacturer immediately moves into preproduction.

Preproduction yields a sample garment for each style, wash and size etc. Proproduction is where DM Resource adjusts and compensates for shrinkage, high speed production variances and tempermental fabrics that have a mind of their own.

When the preproduction phase, which is where the marking and grading happens, you will have in-hand, a single piece of each SKU that precisely matches your final garments - and each of the processes they've been through.


DM Resource begins preproduction only after techpacks have been provided by the client and approved by DM Resource or if DM Resource has been contracted for design and development. If DM Resource has been contracted for D&D, they only proceed to preproduction after client has approved the techpacks.

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